Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Review on Ricky Gervais' "Derek"

When I first heard that Ricky Gervais was writing another show, I was pretty excited. I've seen some his other shows, such as 'The Office' and 'Life's Too Short'. At first, when I heard the premise of this show, I was bit thrown off by the topic. The show is about a social worker who works in a nursing home and the life he leads. I've only had a chance to watch the first episode, and I have to say that the brilliance of Ricky Gervais shines brightly through this heartwarming show.

Taking on his iconic mockumentary style, Derek is a very unique show. Even though I've only been able to watch the first episode (as it was leaked on YouTube),  it shows the power and potential of this character. It focuses on the character of Derek, who isn't your average person at all. He works in a nursing home with another girl named Hannah, who also happens to be the girl he really likes, and his best friend Dougie. The show has some comedic elements, but also has a lot more dramatic elements added. Ricky's writing is incredible and very true to life, as he captures the beauty and innocence of Derek. The show serves also as a lesson of how we shouldn't take life for granted. Derek is a beautiful portrayal of a kind human being who is underestimated by the world around him.

The acting is really well done, with both Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington going through a complete make-over to fit their roles. It's almost hard to believe that the character is really Ricky Gervais, as it's completely different from his television personality. Karl's character, Dougie, is this pessimistic, depressing social worker who seems to be content being left alone, and Karl's personality really shines through Dougie and really makes him really relatable. The actress who plays Hannah, Kerry Godliman, brings this character, who the audience seems to connect with immediately. All the actors play off each other really well, and bring this sense of realism to television.

Overall, 'Derek' really brings a very fresh approach to television, and Ricky delivers this heart-filled comedy that really focuses on life. I'd definitely recommend this show to those who are looking for a light-hearted drama that is written so beautifully. I can't wait to watch the next few episodes when I get a chance, as I know I will definitely enjoy them.

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